SAX2016 organization

Important information

The coordination of the SAX2016 organization is managed collaboratively (check

Participation call

The SAX organization is completely horizontal and open to everybody. Since there are lots of tasks to do, anybody will find a chance to contribute to make it better. The coordination and the announcements will be made via the guifi·net coordination mailing list "guifi-coord" (follow this link to subscribe yourself:

At you'll find a list of tasks to do, along with the name of the person in charge (in case somebody is taking care of if). The role of the persons in charge is to make sure that the said task will be fulfilled, therefore, a task with a person in charge does not mean at all that contribution is not needed anymore; it just means that someone is in charge of coordinating it. This said, contributions are always welcome. If you want to contribute to a task with someone in charge already, contact this person directly. In case you don't know how to contact him/her, if you don't know who to contact or if you want to propose a new task, please write an e-mail to roger.baig​​---@---​​